Coalition To Cure Calpain 3
October 2017
$10,000. Grant “Dr. Rita Perlingeiro (University of Minnesota): “Gene editing of Calpain 3 in LGMD2A iPS cells””

Coalition To Cure Calpain 3 & ENMC International Workshop
November 8, 2013
$10,000. Grant for LGMD2A

Coalition To Cure Calpain 3
January 23, 2013
$20,000. Grant for LGMD2A

C3 Conference
October 27, 2011
Los Angeles, Calif.
$10,000 Grant for LGMD2A

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“Scientists are working hard to understand the disease process of calpainapathy, which is an important first step towards identifying a cure or treatment. Research is expensive and it will take a focused effort of researchers and clinicians and many millions of dollars to achieve this goal. The more funding that is available, the more scientists will be able to work towards the effort.”….Dr. Melissa Spencer