4-28-99.  The Other Way Journal.  21 years old.  I received a call today from a friend of mine who informed me of an accident he had witnessed.  His neighbor, Brian, an 11 year old boy was struck and killed by a car while roller bladding.  I immediately felt sadness for this 11 year old boy.  I never met him.  Thoughts of never experiencing a “first” for anything from here on out really showed me the quickness with which a life can end.  Brian will never have a girlfriend, his first car, graduate from college, marry and have children, breath the air again, nor hug his family and tell them he loves them.  To be given the chance to live, breathe and make your life whatever it is you choose is a miracle.  Did Brian know his life would come to an end on April 28th 1999?  Did he ever think that he would never get to experience all the “firsts” above?  I’m pretty sure Brian didn’t know his life would end so soon.  As I sit here knowing just how life can be taken away at any moment, there is a deep sense to let go of my worries, my frustrations for my uncertain future and just live as if today might be my last day.  Brian never got to do this and so I feel I owe it to myself to walk away from this horrible event a changed man; a man who takes nothing for granted.  I am blessed that God has given me the chance to
make it this far and for that I thank him.  I learned that it doesn’t matter what you are going through in your life, just love life for what is has to offer because today could be the end of your firsts.