4-16-97  20 years old.  A Promise to My Self.  I set aside some time last night, away from my studies, and just thought about my life.  The thought that came to mind was my childhood.  I recalled a promise I made to my self when I was younger in that, no matter what problem came my way in life, I would overcome that obstacle.  My faith ran high and I absolutely knew nothing could stop me from achieving what I set my mind to.  Several years later, my childhood mindset would be tested.  I have an obstacle in my life and it is Muscular Dystrophy.  However, at this time I am not even trying to defeat this.  Dr. Dyer said, “One of the things that we must do when we get older is become more like children.”  When he says “children”, he is talking about the FAITH they
have and the “can do” attitude children have.  There is no such thing as “impossible” to children and that is what we need to be come.  I forgot all about Dr. Dyer’s message of, “become like children” in the years following my diagnosis of Muscular dystrophy.  I found myself listening to what other people said was possible or impossible regarding Muscular Dystrophy, instead of going within my self and asking the question there.  Why did I do this?  I completely disregarded my childhood promise and Dr. Dyer’s message in times of difficulty.  And now as I reflect back on this concept of “becoming more like children”, I see clearly now what I must do.  It was in the physical struggles that I failed to have the faith of a child.  It was in the crying nights that I was unaware of the faith that was inside of me.  It is only in the tough times will I grow into a person capable of overcoming any obstacle by having the faith of a child.  Thank you Wayne for helping me remember my childhood promise to my self through your concept of, “becoming more like children”.