4-16-07  Diet, Mind & Stairs.  29 years old.  A few days ago I saw firsthand what could happen if I decided to give up eating a healthy diet and a healthy perspective.  I was at a bar with a few of my friends when we all decided to order some food.  Pizza was the unanimous decision.  Of course cheese and dough were two ingredients not on my “able to eat” list.  With no regard for my diet restrictions, I decided that tonight I was going to eat whatever I wanted to and pizza was it.  I returned home from the bar and full of ingredients foreign to my stomach for the past 16 months.  As I began my journey toward my bedroom, I noticed the first step into the kitchen was more difficult than usual.  I pulled on the railing to my left all the while pushing with my legs to the right.  For 10-15 seconds there was no movement from where I was pushing to where I wanted to go.  I was merely paused in time and space but halfway on a step when I started to lose control.  My legs gave out and my arms only offered slight assistance as my body was now being lowered to the ground by the good grace of my hands gripping the bars above my head.  I had made it up the step but not in the fashion I had intended.  Thoughts of “how do I want to interpret this situation” entered my thinking.  Normally I would curse and yell at myself for putting myself in this situation.  However, on this night I reasoned with myself, “what good would anger produce on this fall?”  Should I crawl to the 14 step staircase and up the stairs on my butt or do I attempt to pick myself up by the table and deal with the step that created this situation?  The second choice meant having to face the step that I fell on, all over again.  I decided crawling to the stairs and up them was the better solution.  During this crawl the only thing that kept me going was the positive talk I was administering to myself.  I knew someday I would not have to move this way and so I kept my mind on that.  I finally made it into my bedroom and into bed.  As I laded there in thought, I figured out what would happen if I decide to go back eating and thinking in unhealthy ways.