4-25-07.  Self Study Book #1.  29 years old.  There has been a change in my energy level over the past few weeks which have caused concern on my part.  As I look back over the past few weeks in an attempt to pinpoint what has caused this sudden change in energy level, I see one of the components could be a decrease in supplement dosage.  The most noticeable change, within the energy level drop off, is my muscle control.  The lack of muscle control is best noticed when walking.  Whenever I am walking for any length of time, as opposed to being able to control the leg movements of which I was able to do before, my legs tend to be momentum driven.  The momentum driven leg walking style is good once I get going but it also increases the chances of falls because I am just going with the flow instead of controlling the movement.  Luckily for me no falls have been taken place during this energy level drop off period.  Climbing the stairs has been taking more time.  I use to be able to walk right up them without hesitation but lately I’ve been taking multiple attempts with certain steps within the 14 step staircase.  As a result of the extra attempts for certain steps, it takes close to 15 minutes to make it up 14 steps.  Despite these setbacks my attitude is extremely positive and from a place of knowing I will overcome this.  My sense of peace with myself is increasing with each day and experience and only time will tell if my peaceful approach is a correct one.