3-9-07  Self Study Book #1.  29 years old.  For the past few days I have been experiencing a sharp, piercing at times, pain in my heart.  This feeling comes and goes without any warning signals and usually only lasts for a few seconds.  When I breathe in during the shooting pain point I notice my heart tends to speed up, almost as if it is fluttering.  Sometimes I experience feelings of numbness in one of my legs but I think that numbness is due to the way I am standing and possibly a nerve being pinched because when I move the leg the numbness subsides.  I have also noticed my muscles twitching at odd times.  Sitting in a chair and suddenly my foot moves, laying in bed and my arm twitches, holding a cup and my hand loosens up and I quickly tighten to not drop the cup are a few examples of my muscles twitching on me at odd times.  Just the other night I woke up with shooting pains in the heels of my feet that worsened when I attempted to move them.  There is no pattern with which I can link these occurrences to certain foods I eat or supplements I consume.  I am unclear as to what these signs mean if anything.  I pray this is a sign of the new me, the
healing me, coming out of the old me.