9-4-98  22 years old.  Life lessons that show up from time to time in my life are not easily understood the moment they happen.  It usually takes time and introspection before the life lesson becomes clear.  This is the case with school.  Ever since I moved up here to Kutztown, I have found myself missing home.  What I miss the most about home is the silence I could retreat to whenever life started to pull me down.  There is this place called Cedar Beach in Allentown, where I would go and just sit on a bench and
think.  Nobody would bother me there and usually I felt better about my life once I had time to just think.  Since I moved to Kutztown for schooling, there has not been any quiet time for me to figure out what it is I want.  At Kutztown, I see people walking by and or in my classes and they just seem as if they have life all figured out.  They know what classes they need to complete, they know what they want to do with their life and knew it since they were very young.  I on the other hand walk by and think, “Boy I would like to be like them” and have life all figured out.  I just need some time alone to think and college is not allowing me this time.  Since I move up here to Kutztown, I have been on the run.  Without having time for silence because I am constantly reading or being bombarded by friends, I am feeling more alone and confused about life.