2-11-97  20 years old.  Last night in my dream I dreamt that someone or something came to me and put their hands on my legs and
said, “Get up!”.  The entity had no face or at least one I could recognize.  It just appeared and placed it’s hands on my legs and said “get up”.  I then woke up without experiencing the feeling of actually getting up inside of the dream.  However, I feel as if all of the praying and asking God for help seems to be affecting me on a higher level, one I am unfamiliar with.  I feel that this was a message telling me I will be fine.  It is weird though how I remembered this dream.  Usually if I don’t write down my dreams as soon as I wake up then I don’t remember them.  This dream was different though.  It was as if this dream was meant to stick out amongst the other ordinary dreams.  I recalled the dream while I was listening to one of Dr. Dyer’s tapes on “transforming your life”.  As I sat and listened to Dr. Dyer’s message, the dream popped into my mind as if to say, “Don’t forget about me”.  I feel something is happening to me but the extent at which it is remains a mystery.