5-10-2000.  The Start of Something New Journal.  22 Years Old.  Feelings of emptiness and loneliness seem to be plaguing my body more than ever.  What am I doing with my life and how am I contributing to it?  It seems like everyone around me is on their own trail of bliss and they at least to me come across as if they know what they want.  Then something gets my mind thinking what am I
doing?  And that is when depression sets in.  For the past 3 weeks I have been jobless, reason being I was getting tired of going to my work and having the feelings that I am standing still.  Since my employment at New Heights, which was about 8 months, I have not learned anything in which helped me become a better teacher.  However, I learned that I don’t want to struggle from pay check to pay check when I get older.  So I started to think that my time has come for me to leave.  That was a tough decision because I liked the children there and saying good bye to them was something that I knew would be hard to do.  Some time went by and so I decided to quit without another job lined up.  My dad told me that maybe I should look and find another job before I quit but I didn’t want to do that.  When I make my mind up on something and am sure about it, it is difficult to persuade me otherwise.  And so I enter the new chapter of my life jobless.