8-16-99.  The Other Way Journal.  22 Years Old.  I’ve decided to take an additional semester off to get myself together.  School became mundane for me and I didn’t enjoy life passing me by.  It was as if my life were on repeat with the same old boring song being played.  The ironic thing in all this time off is that my life has once again become mundane.  This time off has lead to some major introspection and what I found out about myself is that I don’t have the vaguest idea as to what I’m doing with my life.  I watched a movie last night and one of the characters mentioned something profound.  He said that each of us is blessed with one gift in this world.  I tried to imagine this assumption as fact and what might my gift be?  Maybe my gift would have been revealed if I stayed in school?  Or maybe my gift is about to show up now that I am trying to find myself away from school?  I’ve been having thoughts of moving to Florida lately and maybe my gift will be revealed there?  Or maybe I’m not ready to understand my gift.  The
hardest part in trying to figure my life out is it’s always changing and I don’t know if that is a good thing.  Help me God figure this out.