4-27-00.  The Start of Something New Journal.  22 Years old.  I had a talk with a friend of mine yesterday about past girlfriends and
what they are doing.  He asked me about one in particular, Amy, and if I still talk to her.  I informed him of her latest doings and how she was soon to marry.  He was amazed at the quickness with which she moved on after our relationship.  I too wondered the same thing but didn’t want to reveal it.  How could she move on so quickly after what we had?  My only conclusion was she allowed herself to move on and find another love whereas I didn’t.  Instead I continued to carry around anger, frustration, resentment and all the baggage which keeps me in a state of wondering.  I try to figure out where I went wrong and was there something I could have done to prevent this.  But it is very difficult when all I think about is I lost the “ONE” and I don’t think I’ll find another “ONE”.  My problem is I compare the new girl to the “ONE” and they aren’t measuring up to her.  I miss what I once had and I want it back.  I’m stuck and I just want her to say ‘I’m glad I found you and everything is going to be okay’.  But she’s moved on and I’m here alone.