3-24-07  Self Study Book #1.  29 Years old.  Amazing transformations with regards to the shape of my body are taking place.  When I was younger, elementary school age, and not yet diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy my legs had a very muscular shape to them.  This muscular look was the result of endless hours of riding my bicycle up and down the alley where I lived in Allentown.  As a result of this workout, my claves became huge to the point where I couldn’t pull my pant leg up to my knee without encountering tightness along the way.  The calf muscle when flexed would become this hard well shaped ball that stuck out to the outsides of each leg.  My quads had a strange shape to them as well.  When I tightened them the outsides of the quad would take on this completely flat shape but the tops of the quad would bulge up.  I would have a protruding muscle on the insides of the quad, close to the knee that would flex whenever I tightened my quad muscle.  Now these leg muscles looked strong when I was younger but I was not the fastest kid in school.  The muscles were sort of for show but they got me around without any problems or without any signs of muscular dystrophy coming in the next decade.  The interesting thing is my quads, both the outsides and toward the knee, is starting to get that look back from when I was a little boy.  When I flex the leg muscle, especially the quad, I recognize the look in the leg and wonder if the strength will return soon.  This look which is slowly making its way back from hibernation is the result of pool exercises and light weight lifting in the gym.  I am optimistic the strength will return.  I only need to be patient.