5-13-07.  Self Study Book #1.  29 Years Old.  So often I become stuck in a routine and fail to see changes which would improve an
aspect of my life.  The walk I took today showed me this.  Outside my driveway there is a street which slopes from the middle of the street to the sides and has a slight incline.  I would struggle with walking up the hill on the left side where the slant comes from my right.  Whenever I would take a step with my right leg it never seemed to pass the left leg.  I would place the right leg alongside the place where the left leg was.  My walk would be a one leg lead with the other trailing leg never leading.  Sometimes my balance would be off when I walked this way.  I recently decided to try my walking from the right side of the street.  To my surprise it was much easier.  I was able to have my legs pass one another as I took steps instead of having one leg lead and the other follow.  The off balance issues I had with the left side of the street were less noticeable from the right side.  Also, the amount of breaks I needed to take was less often from the right side of the street.  Today I noticed another area of concern.  Whenever my feet would land on the ground in front of me, the outsides of my feet would be the first to touch the ground.  There was no difference between the left and right foot when it came to landing on the outsides of the foot.  Where I did notice the difference was on the right foot on the push off.  When the right foot pushed off to take a step the weight of the ankle wanted to roll to the outside.  The left foot and ankle did not have this problem.  The left leg had a cowboy swing to it as I stepped and moved the left leg forward.  Instead of lifting the leg up when I wanted to take a step, the leg wanted to swing to the left as I picked it up and then move back to the center as I set the foot down.  The motion resembles a cowboy walking.  All I can do is notice the changes and attempt to find solutions to them before walking becomes too difficult.