4-23-00.  The Start of Something New Journal.  22 years old.  What is my potential?  If I’m not being utilized correctly then how can I find the answer to this question?  Going to work for simply a pay check is not my definition of potential and yet this was how I lived the last few months of work.  Co-workers talking about other workers were becoming an all too common theme.  And I quickly found myself falling into this trap of judgment which turned me into a negative minded person.  Communication started to break down
between boss and employee which only made work that much more undesirable.  My ideas about a family oriented atmosphere at work were vanishing.  It was clear to move on and yet leaving the kids was a decision I struggled with.  To make matters worse, a mother who I have not had much communication with informed me of her daughter always talking about me at home.  As I listened to this mother tell me this, I felt this deep down feeling of guilt come over me.  But I knew I had to leave and find out what my potential is and who am I?  Doing the same thing day in and day out was not going to reveal anything new to me to help me grow.